Best Self Defense Lanyard in 2021

The idea for this blog post came to me after I heard about a recent incident that took place on campus. A female student was walking back to her dorm when she noticed someone following her. She felt uncomfortable and decided it would be best if she walked inside the nearest building, which happened to be the library.Self Defense Lanyard.

The man followed her into the library and sat at one of the tables near where she was working. He tried his hardest to engage in conversation with her, but she ignored him until he finally left. That’s when it hit me- what if there had been no adults around? How would she defend herself against an attacker without getting hurt or worse yet, killed? This is why self defense for women is so important.

The first school of thought when it comes to self-defense for women is learning basic self defense techniques that may help you avoid the attacker’s initial grasp and escape from a determined assailant. Many people believe that spending a couple of hundred bucks on a martial arts class could keep them safe, but unless they stick with it.

Self Defense Lanyard

What is a self defense lanyard?

Have you ever gone for a run or tried to go about your day with keys jingling around in your pocket? That’s why the self defense lanyard was invented! This nifty little device keeps your keys securely attached to you at all times, making them easy to access when needed. They are perfect for runners who want to be hands-free and don’t want their belongings weighing them down while they exercise.

One of the best features is that some of these lanyards include a self defense Lanyard tool such as a pepper spray or personal alarm on the attachment. This way, you don’t have to worry about carrying them around with you and it also helps ensure that your safety is always a top priority!

When should you use a self defense lanyard?

If you are looking for a temporary solution to your back pain, then the best thing to do is try out an inversion table. They are great for relieving pressure on the spine and decompressing your discs. So if you want to alleviate some of that stress from your day or night, go ahead and give this article a read.

How to make your self defense lanyard?

A self defense lanyard can be worn around your neck, clipped to a belt loop or purse strap, and used for holding keys. They are also sometimes used by construction workers to hold their IDs while on the job site. However, they are most commonly known as self-defense tools that give you easy access to pepper spray in case of an emergency.

This article is going to go over how you can make your self defense lanyard using household items like cordage and duct tape!

You will need:

Several feet of Paracord or other sturdy, yet lightweight cordage (you can also use a regular string that has been waxed with beeswax) A standard size carabiner Duct tape Scissors Utility knife

The first step is to measure out your paracord.

What are the benefits of using a lanyard?

Well, there are many different benefits to using lanyards. Lanyards can be used for a variety of purposes and they come in all shapes and sizes. They can be worn around your neck or wrist as an ID badge holder or even attached to your keys so that you never lose them again.

With these options, it is hard not to find one that suits your needs! If you want to know more about how to choose the right lanyard then you should take a look at this article.

Lanyards can also be used as a fashion statement, which is why they have become so popular recently. Some companies sell stylish lanyards that can be worn around your neck for a night out on the

Why self defense lanyard is important for everyone, not just women or children

Many people don’t know about the high prevalence of sexual violence in our society. It’s not just women and children who are affected by this issue, but men as well. This blog post will discuss the ways that we can stop sexual assault from happening so often in our society today.

What is sexual assault and how does it affects people’s lives?

Sexual assault is an umbrella term for all forms of unwanted, non-consensual sexual contact or attention. This includes rape and groping, as well as other acts such as forcing someone to perform sexual acts on video. Being assaulted sexually can affect anyone: women and men, people of any race, religion, sexuality, or socioeconomic status.


As the list of situations where it’s necessary to carry important documents, keys, or other valuables on your person continues to grow (i.e., natural disasters), so does the need for a safe and secure way to do this.

The self defense lanyard is an excellent solution because not only will you feel safer knowing that you can protect yourself if needed but also know that all of your most valuable possessions are within reach at any time.

It’s easy enough to make one of these DIY self defense lanyard in just minutes with some basic materials found around the house like paracord, scissors, and a key ring. Plus, there are many more uses than just keeping personal items close at hand!

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