Top Self Defence keychain Set

Do you know those self defence keychain sets that you see on TV and in the movies? You can now get one for yourself! The all-metal, lightweight design of these keys will help you fight off an attacker and catch them by surprise.

They’re shaped like a baton so they’ll pack a punch too. And with just one swift swing, your assailant will be out cold – or worse. Don’t risk it; buy yours today!

Self Defence keychain Set

What is a self defence keychain set

You may not think you need a self defence keychain set, but it is the best item for your protection. These sets come with everything you could ever need: pepper spray, stun gun and kubotan (a small stick). You never know when an attacker will strike so it is important that you have something on hand just in case.

What is a kubotan

A kubotan self defence keychain is made from durable materials such as metal and wood. The solid design can be used to strike an assailant or even break glass in case of an accident. You can carry it around with you in your pocket or attach it to your keys. Many people place the key ring through the hole at the end while others opt for wearing it around their wrist like a bracelet. It’s up to you, but either way, don’t go anywhere without one!

The cheapest self defence keychain sets are available here . You will find several options that come with different tools so there’s something for everyone. Whether you need pepper spray, a stun gun or a kubotan all-in-one, you can find it here.

Shopping for the best self defence keychain set  is as easy as 1…2…3! All you need to do is look through our selection and pick what sounds best. Don’t forget that we offer free shipping on all orders over $99 USD so this is a great time to stock up with peace of mind knowing you’ve got everything you need. There’s no better way to say “I love myself” than owning one of these sets today!

How to use it

Attack with a keychain from the side. It’s unlikely that your target will see it coming until it’s too late.

Why you should buy one

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Where to purchase your own self defence keychains

This post is brought to you by self defence Keychain. They offer a self defence set that can be used as a Kubaton, pepper spray and includes a bright flashlight all in one.

They also have an auto-open baton, which is the same as the ones police officers use for added protection! Click here to learn more . #SelfDefenceKeychain


Pick your keys off the ground and crack them together – loudly – above your head. This action will often scare the attacker away as they don’t know if you’re armed or not.

If this is a life-or-death situation, consider faking an injury so that he/she thinks they’ve incapacitated you and leave after stealing what you have on hand.

How to use pepper spray when self-defence keychain sets

You can buy pepper spray online by clicking here or you can purchase one in stores such as Walmart and Canadian Tire  as well!

Keep in mind that you do not want to spray someone in the face if they are wearing glasses because it is going to burn their eyes and make them blind for a few minutes. If this happens, don’t worry however because the effect only lasts a couple of minutes before they will be able to see again. #SelfDefenceKeychain

Why run from an attacker when you pepper spray, a stun gun and a kubotan all-in-one can do the trick?

How does pepper spray work? Pepper spray is a very strong natural plant product that has been used for years by police officers and it can be easily bought from an outdoor or survival store.

It produces a strong burning sensation on the skin which will make your attacker want to run away in pain. If you’re in any danger, just turn the spray towards your assailant and aim for their eyes and mouth!

You don’t need to spray them in the face but focus more on their hands since they’ll probably be holding something behind their backs. The idea is to distract them so that you have enough time to escape.

The importance of getting training before using it

If you are planning on using your self defence keychain set in case of an emergency or if you’re looking to get into shape, then it is recommended that you take a class.

Some people think that they can just rely on their own instincts when it comes to defending themselves but this only results in weaker performance when the time comes to actually use it.

If you haven’t been trained in how to use your pepper spray, kubotan or stun gun, then consider taking a class at a local gym.

They usually have experts there who will help you learn how to handle yourself during an attack.  Whether you choose to walk home at night or not, it’s always better knowing that you have some sort of protection.

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The self defence keychain set is a convenient, portable and discreet way to carry the tools you need in an emergency. It’s easy to use and offers advantages for people of all ages. You can purchase your own today from any reputable retailer or online store.

If you’re looking for a good training course before using this tool, we recommend checking out our blog post on “How To Use A Self Defence Keychain Set.” We hope that by now you have felt inspired to take action with these tips! Have fun learning about how to defend yourself as well as those around you!

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