Introducing Mase Keychains: The new way to stay organized, stress free

Mase Keychains are a great addition to any keychain collection. The sleek, minimal design will never go out of style, and the variety of colors means you can find one that complements your personality. These keychains are perfect for adding some flair to an otherwise plain set of keys.

The Self Defense Keychains With Lip Gloss is made of top-quality metal alloy which means that it will never rust or bend, and the laser coating makes for a smooth, comfortable grip. It’s also got excellent tactile feedback (the clicky feel when you press the button). The size of the keychain is 70mm * 25mm / 2.8″ * 1″.

The keychain comes packed in a small cardboard box which holds everything securely and provides easy storage for your Mase Keychain.

Mase Keychains

Every package also includes a mini screwdriver to help you remove the battery, as well as an extra battery just in case you need it. The included instruction manual also has simple DIY repair instructions should that become necessary.

Custom Logo Lipstick Mini Type Pepper Spray bottle

A custom logo lipstick mini type pepper spray bottle has become a popular trend among women that are looking for an easy, convenient way to protect themselves. This product is available on the market for purchase but can also be made with your own design.

The pepper spray is made to be easily concealed among the keys on your Mase Keychains however it could also be put inside of a purse, or attached to a belt loop. This product requires no license or training but please check your local laws before purchasing.

It has an effective range of up to 4 feet and contains 10 one-second bursts which can cause temporary blindness, skin irritation, and choking. (Not recommended for vision-impaired or young children)

The pepper spray is only 4 inches long with a key ring already attached to it making it easy to store on your Mase Keychains! It can be sprayed in any direction.

To operate the bottle simply twist the head all the way clockwise into the locked position, then back counterclockwise until you hear a click. (To unlock the head turn the spray head in the opposite direction.)

Custom Lipstick Pepper Spray Keychain

This custom lipstick pepper spray keychain is another sleek and stylish way to carry protection on your person at all times. It’s easy to store on your keychain and can be kept inside your purse if you desire.

The pepper spray bottle is made of durable metal alloy and contains 10 one-second bursts. It’s only 3 inches long with a key ring already attached to it with the head firmly locked in place.

To use this product, simply twist the head all the way clockwise into the locked position and back counterclockwise until you hear a click. (To unlock the head turn the spray head in the opposite direction.)

Pepper Spray Keychain Color Options

These pepper spray keychains come in a variety of colors including blue, pink, green, and black. Custom logos can be made to match whatever design you’re looking for. The price includes the cost of the product, shipping, and handling. There are no hidden fees so it’s a great deal!

If you have any further questions or would like to get more information on these products please feel free to contact us today! We would be more than happy to give you a quote based on your design specifications.

Personal safety keychains

Personal safety keychains are a great thing to have in any situation. They can be used as an easy way to alert the authorities if you feel unsafe.

All keys come with a built-in alarm that lets out 110 decibels of sound when activated, which is usually enough to scare away your attacker and summon help from law enforcement officials who are within earshot.

These personal safety keychains also offer plenty of other features that make them worth considering for purchase, such as emergency lights or strobe functions for signaling, SOS signals for international emergencies and LED displays to provide information about battery life.

Self defense keychain pepper spray

A lot of people believe that if you’re going to be carrying pepper spray you should have a keychain. While this is true, it’s not the only thing you need. Here are some tips on what else to consider when looking for pepper spray, and how they can help protect you even more!

One of the most important things about self defense keychain pepper spray is that it is easy to carry around with you at all times. This means that no matter where you are or what situation arises.

If someone tries to hurt you, there will always be something nearby to defend yourself with! There’s really nothing more empowering than knowing that in every moment of every day, no matter where life takes me I am protected.

Soft shell keychain pepper sprays

The pepper spray keychain is perfect for the woman on the go who wants to feel safe at all times. The small size of the device makes it easy to carry, and it fits well in a purse or pocket (or even in your hand).

This product’s softshell protects against accidental discharge if you drop the item. It also has an LED flashlight so that you can see it in dark places when you need to use it. With this combination of features, there really isn’t any reason not to buy one.

Pepper spray keychain with alarm

The safety alarm on a pepper spray keychain is a great way to alert the authorities if you feel threatened. All keys come with an emergency sound system that will emit a 110-decibel noise when activated.

This is often enough to scare off your attacker and call for help from law enforcement officials who are within earshot. There are also features like strobe and light functions to help signal your location and an SOS mode for international emergencies.

Warning: pepper spray must not be used against people you know or law enforcement officers in most states. It can cause serious injuries if misused, so only use it to protect yourself from threatening individuals who are strangers to you or the police.

Mace pepper spray Triple Action pocket size

Mace pepper spray is a non-lethal form of self defense. Mace is available in different sizes and types including the Triple Action Pocket size, which provides for increased accuracy.

This mace product comes with an adjustable hand strap that allows you to use it with one or two hands. The stream delivery system ensures consistent performance even when using this product at longer ranges.

Just remember to purchase your mace from a reputable seller only as there are many fake products being sold online today!

Mace pepper spray is a popular choice among those looking for inexpensive non-lethal protection against attackers. Many people choose Mace because they want something more than just their bare hands but prefer not to carry around weapons like guns or knives all day long.

What are Mase Keychains?

Mase Keychains are a new product that is designed to make your life easier. They are key chains with storage compartments for quick access to your keys, phone, and other small items.

All of the products are made from high-quality materials so they will last you a long time. We offer many different designs so you can find something that suits your personality or style!


Mase keychains are a small, personal safety device that can be used as an effective deterrent for anyone who might try to attack you. The Triple Action pocket-size pepper spray has the power of both OC and CS tear gas mixed with heat so it will affect your attacker’s eyesight, respiratory system, and skin.

Your softshell keychain pepper sprays also come in several designs like animal print or camouflage patterns so they won’t stand out among all your other keys on your belt loop.

So if you want something more than just a little kick to protect yourself from would-be assailants then take these three tips into consideration when purchasing mase keychains online today!

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