Bulldog Self Defense Keychain: This simple accessory will save your life

The Bulldog Self Defense Keychain is a perfect gift for any dog owner. It’s compact and can be attached to your keys or purse, so you have it with you at all times. This way if anything should happen, you’re ready to fight off an attacker.

The bulldog keychain is made out of metal alloy, so it’s sturdy and strong. Unlike other dog breeds, there are not many “bulldogs” around the world, so you’ll stand out with this stylish keychain.

After I first brought Gracie home, I always wondered what would happen if someone tried to break in. I wasn’t sure if she would defend me or be too scared to know what to do.

Now that Gracie has been with me for a few years, I think she will protect me from anyone attacking, but there is always the chance that fear could take over and she runs away. This is why when the Bulldog Self Defense Keychain came out, I knew it would be perfect for Gracie.

Bulldog self defense keychain

I was one of the first people to ever review this product. And if you’re wondering what my opinion is on it, let me just say that you should always have a safety keychain with taser your dog’s breed on it, regardless if they would defend you or not. Why? Because it is a fashion statement! When people see my bulldog keychain they know I like the breed and why wouldn’t I want everyone to know that?!

So as soon as it arrived, I was ready to attach it to my keys.

Self defense tools

A lot of people think that the best self defense tools are guns, knives, pepper spray. But what if you’re unarmed? What do you do then? Well here’s a list of some things you can use as self defense tools to protect yourself from an attacker:

• A cell phone to call for help

• Your hands and arms to block, push, hit.

• Keys – can be used as an impact weapon, stabbed into soft parts of the body, used as a hook to catch your opponent off guard. The keys can also break glass or poke out an attacker’s eyes.

• A cellphone – This can be thrown at an attacker to defend yourself. It also has a camera, so if he tries to take your phone, you can snap photos of him while cops are on their way!

• Keys – See above.

• Lipstick – can easily get in the eyes of your opponent and blind them for a few seconds.

• Fingernail file – can be effective if stabbed into the throat or other soft parts of the body.

• Sunglasses – Can break and be used as a sharp object to poke out eyes, stab at the face.

Key ring for women

Find the perfect key ring for your keys! From cute designs to be able to have all of your keys on one, there are plenty of options. There are even ones that attach to your clothes or purse so you won’t lose them or forget where they are. Check out our blog post today and find the best key ring for women!

Types of self defense tools

There are all different types of self defense tools out there, from guns to pepper spray and even a kubotan keychain. A kubotan is a lightweight weapon that you can carry on your keychain or in your purse. It’s made out of steel so it’s very sturdy and is effective if you know how to use it right. Here are some details on the kubotan keychain:

• Has a rounded end so you can easily jab someone with it.

• Pointed end that will deliver devastating blows to soft areas like the throat, stomach, groin, or eyes.

• There’s also a flat end for hammerfist strikes too hard areas like the temple.

• The kubotan can also be used as a hook and catch your opponent’s attention by striking their arms or legs, then you can use it to swing around and strike them in other areas.

Columbia River Knife & Tool keychain

Columbia River Knife & Tool is a company that makes knives and tools. They have a variety of different items, from pocket knives to fishing gear. These keychains are made by Columbia River Knife & Tool and can be used as both an accessory or as a tool.

The most popular models include the Dragonfly II, which features two screwdrivers, Phillips and flathead; the MicroBlade II with one blade for cutting twine; and the Butterfly Lockback with scissors on one side of the blade for trimming threads or opening packages. You can also find these keychains at many retailers nationwide!

Self defense keychains legality

Self defense keychains are legal in most states. The legality of them varies by state law, but for the most part, they are allowed. This blog post will go over some of the basics of what you need to know about self-defense keychains and their legality in each state.

Self defense keychains are legal in Florida. The law that governs that is Chapter 790, sections 1-4.

Florida law states that you are allowed to have a self defense weapon if you have a permit for it. You can carry pepper spray, stun guns, or other non-lethal weapons as long as you have the appropriate permit and license to carry them.

You can’t carry a bowie knife, dirk, or sword. As long as the weapon has a self defense purpose and you have a permit for it, then it’s legal under Florida law.

Self defense keychains are legal in Georgia as well. However, there is one big difference between Georgia and other states. In Georgia, you do not need a permit to carry a self defense weapon, but in order to carry pepper spray you need to have an exemption on file with your local police department and they need to give you written permission.

VIPERTEK stun gun

Facing a life-threatening situation is never an easy decision. Whether you’re in your own home or on the street, it’s tough to know what to do when faced with danger.

What if there was a device that could save your life? The VIPERTEK stun gun can be used as a non-lethal self defense tool and has been proven time and time again in many situations where someone would not have survived without it.

You can use the stun gun’s safety pin to prevent it from going off while carrying it, and you can also activate a LED flashlight on the side of it.

The VIPERTEK is a small handheld device that gives you added protection. It has a disabling pin wrist strap so if someone takes it from you by your grip on the wrist strap, it gives you an added level of safety.

The VIPERTEK comes with a carrying pouch and has a rubberized coating on the side for better gripping capabilities. It also features a disabling pin wrist strap that can be used to prevent unauthorized use by someone else.

Brutus Bulldog self defense keychain

The Brutus Bulldog self defense keychain is a great way to make sure you are always prepared for an attack. This product is perfect for those who have been attacked before or want to be safe from any future attacks. It also comes with a lifetime warranty so if anything happens, you can get it replaced as long as you have proof of purchase!

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